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Why Hemp?

Hemp in Construction

Industrial hemp is a renewable resource that produces both the hurd and the fiber required to produce hempcrete and hempwool.

It takes just 100 days for hemp to grow to the size it is harvested. An acre of hemp produces over four times the amount of cellulose than forest, and is therefore extremely efficient. Little or few pesticides and fertilizers are required, making it relatively straightforward to cultivate, and can be used as a rotation crop.

The advantages of using hemp in construction are that it is:

  • Fire resistant

  • Pest resistant

  • Mold resistant

  • Temperature regulating

  • Moisture regulating

  • Carbon sequestering

FUN FACT: a 2,500 sq ft house made from hempcrete requires around 3 acres of industrial hemp. An acre of industrial hemp sequesters around 9 metric tons of carbon. 1 gallon of gasoline emits around 2 lbs of CO2, so by choosing hempcrete, your house will have sequestered around 30,000 gallons of gas.

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